Viral Video: This 60-year-old man from Pakistan, who has done 26 marriages, has divorced 22 wives, wants to marry 100 times.

Pakistani Man Viral Video: A 60-year-old Pakistani man has expressed his desire to get married 100 times. He has already married 26 times and divorced his 22 wives. Presently, he is the husband of 4 new age girls. His video of accepting more and more nikah has become increasingly viral on social media. 

In this one video the person can be heard saying that he wants to get married 100 times. He said, "After every marriage (Nikah in Urdu) I want child from every wife", He also admitted that he divorces his wife as soon as she has a child. 

This uncle in Pakistan has divorced 22 girls after 26 marriages…saying that this is my hobby…will do 100 marriages…will divorce everyone…

— Jyot Jeet (@activistjyot) February 17, 2023

‘It is my hobby to divorce women after giving birth to children’ 
It is seen in the video that the man is sitting with his four wives. One of them is only 19 years old. He said that he marries women only to have children and divorces them after giving birth. The man said that he has 22 children from the women he has divorced. He said that after divorce he gives the children to his ex-wives only. He said, "This is my hobby, I want to do 100 marriages."

People are being surprised
The surprising thing is that the women he marries know that he will divorce them. Still she agrees to marry that old man and lives with him. Millions of people have seen the video of this 60-year-old Pakistani man on social media. You can also see his video that he is saying something.

Comments flooded in on the video 
A user on social media wrote, “Yeh hai contract marriage ke badshah.” Another said, "He needs a good slipper…put 100 on it." Commenting on the video, a person wrote, "I mean she has to give birth to 100 children."

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