Watch: Millions of fish dying in Australia’s river, shocking video

Viral Video: Millions of dead fish have been found in a river in Australia. The video of dead and rotten fish is going viral on social media. The incident is being told of the Darling River in Australia. The situation is that the whole river is looking white because of the dead fishes. The scorching heat in this area is said to be the main reason for the death of these fish. 

It can be seen in the viral picture on social media that the surface of the river is barely visible due to the dead fish. Regarding the incident, the New South Wales administration said on Friday that millions of fish died in the Darling River near the small town of Menindee. This is the third incident in this area since 2018, when such a huge number of fish have died. 

According to the local people, such a large number of fish deaths had never happened before. Graeme McCrabb, a resident of Menindee, says that as far as the river can be seen, only dead fish are visible. Compared to earlier, this time uncountable number of fishes have been killed. He further pointed out that in recent years our region has been ravaged by both drought and floods. 

Menindee this morning! My heart is absolutely breaking seeing this footage of our Darling Barka

Feels like the river is sending us a message a week out from the election.

— Kate McBride (@Kate_McBride_1) March 17, 2023

Deaths due to lack of oxygen in water 

State government officials visited the spot. After inspection with experts, he told that after the recent floods, the population of fishes like bony herring and carp had increased rapidly in the river, but now they are dying in large numbers due to receding flood water. The reason for the death of these fish is due to the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the water after the flood water receded. Explain that fishes require more oxygen at warmer temperatures. 

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