Why is the world restless? Demonstration from Israel to France, protesters are clashing with the police

Protests All Over World: Ever since Corona, a series of demonstrations are being seen all over the world. Somewhere people have come on the streets due to the economic recession, and somewhere the people are angry with the government. From Israel to France, public anger is visible on the streets, which is being tried to calm down with water cannons.

In Israel, for the last about 10 weeks, the general public has been protesting against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by taking to the streets. This protest of Israel seems to be the biggest protest in the last 70 years. The public says that PM Netanyahu’s alleged judicial reforms are a threat to Israel’s democracy. In Israel, people are rallying against the PM from the streets to the streets. At the same time, President Herzong (isaac herzog) also called the proposed law a threat to democracy. He said, what is this reform due to which lakhs of people have come on the streets. 

Prime Minister had to be airlifted

Actually, in the month of January, Israel’s Justice Minister Yariv Levin put this plan of the government in front of the public to repair the country’s legal system. According to this, the role of the government will increase in the committee that appoints judges. Till now, politicians, lawyers and judges used to be included in the selection committee of judges. The new system would give MPs a majority on the committee, mostly from the right-wing and religiously conservative ruling coalition.

Due to this new system, anger is being seen in the public. In the past, protesters blocked the country’s main international airport with cars, prompting Netanyahu to be airlifted to travel abroad. 

Protests in Paris

Voting was to be held in the Parliament on March 16, but the President of France implemented the new law without voting using the constitutional provision. People got angry with this move of the President and the protest against him turned violent.
While the employees have gone on strike, the students are also protesting. People demand that the government withdraw the bill. 

Against this decision of the government in London…

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