Worlds Expensive Shawl: To buy the world’s most expensive shawl, you will have to sell your property, know the price

Worlds Expensive Shawl: Winter season has arrived, so people use sweater shawls to avoid cold. Most people use shawls to style themselves well, because it gives a very classy look on people of any age. There are some people who use branded shawls from normal. But there are some people who buy shawls by paying a lot of money. You all must have heard the name of Pashmina, Pashmina is counted among the most expensive shawls. Very few people are able to buy it, but do you know that there is such a shawl in the market which leaves behind even Pashmina in terms of price. Yes, we are talking about Shahtoosh shawl. So expensive that perhaps you can’t even imagine buying it. Its cost is not Rs 5, 10, 50 thousand or one lakh but Rs 15 lakh. You cannot even buy it in India because this shawl has been banned many years back.

Know in detail about Mulberry

Talking about the name of Shahtoosh, it is a Persian word, which means King of Wool. It is considered to be the best category of wool among them, but the question is still the same that why it is so expensive and why the government has banned it in India. Actually, Shahtoosh shawl is made from the hair of Chiru. It is said that 4 to 5 chiru are killed in making a mulberry shawl, due to which about 20,000 chiru are killed every year due to the mulberry business. It is made through its hair and this chiru is grown in the mountains of Tibet. is found.

Why is it banned in India?

In the year 1975, Shahtoosh Shawl was banned by IUCN. After this, in 1990, India also banned this shawl. Even after the ban in India, it was sold in Kashmir, but since 2000, its sale is completely closed. Let us tell you that it was opposed by many organizations and concern was expressed that Chiru is ending due to this, then it is banned. This step has been taken to save Chiru from extinction. Let us tell you that many chiru are killed to make the shawl, now according to this, you can understand that what will be its cost, according to the information, it is sold from 500 dollars to 20 thousand dollars a year. That means for 1 year you will have to pay up to Rs.15 lakh  

Origined in the 16th century

Shawls are believed to have originated during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century. It is believed that Akbar was very fond of these shawls and owned a few of them. In fact, shawl factories flourished during the Mughal rule. This had become the main source of income in Kashmir. When Shah Jahan ruled, mulberry shawls were used only in the royal houses, but with the changing times, this lotus was also bought by the people and it became a status symbol.


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