WWE: Theory targeted John Cena on Tiktok, said – ‘The time has come to give up’

Theory and John Cena: Theory has once again targeted former WWE Champion John Cena. A Tiktok video of him has surfaced, in which he is seen threatening John Cena. This video has been shared by WWE on its official Twitter handle. In this video of just 20 seconds, Theory is heard saying, ‘Won’t you give up? OK.. Now is the time to give up.’

A few days ago, Theory wore a T-shirt like him to tease John Cena at a live event. Looking at this build up, it seems that very soon there may be a competition between these two superstars.

John Cena is returning
With the return of superstar John Cena to the ring on June 27, his 20 years in WWE are going to be completed. In such a situation, if WWE books them, then the fans can get to see a great match. Now it will be interesting to see how WWE makes former champion John Cena return to the ring.

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