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Ruhi asks Revathi to scold Dev. Revathi in surprise asks who told her that she scolded Dev. Roohi says Dev tried to kill her. Preesha interferes and says Roohi means Devi locked her in a washroom and spread smoke in it, so Ruhi wants Revatghi to scold Dev. Revathi agrees and says she will not let Dev do anything wrong in the future. Preesha takes Ruhi away. Roohi asks why did she lie to aunty. Preesha says aunty is upset that Dev left uninformed and asks Roohi not to talk about Dev again. Ruhi promises.

Rudraksh addresses the guests and thanks them for coming. He says this party is a reward for his children Saaransh and Ruhi for their best performance during annual day function and announces their performance. Ruhi starts her dance performance followed by Saransh. Servant asks Preesha to go and check in the kitchen if more snacks are needed. Alia spills juice on Revathi’s saree by mistake. Revati goes to washroom to wash it. Alia joins Ruhi and Saransh and dances with them. Preesha notices that servant dumping garbage in the dustbin and going to throw it, thinks they need to they planned to dispose Dev’s dead body with garbage, so she needs to stop them. She asks servant to let it be, she will dump al the garbage at once at night. She turns around and gets shocked seeing Revati. Revati asks her about washroom. Preesha shows washroom to her.

Preesha then walks to Rudraksh and informs him whole thing. He scolds her for being careless. She says he scolding her instead of thanking him. He says he is just asking her to be careful as kids will also be in problem along with them. Rudra thinks her parents are fighting and plans a way to stop them. She announces a couple dance to find best couple and explains its rule. She says even her parents should dance. Rudra refuses to dance with Preesha. Preesha asks if he wants to upset his daughter,. Rudra agrees for Ruhi’s sake. They dance on a paper on Meri As expected, they win. Everyone claps them. Rudraksh takes his blazer from Servant and doens’t find freezer key. He gets tensed thinking if Revathi took the key and reached near freezer. They both rush towards freezer. Revathi thinks of leaving after wishing them bye and follows them.

Rudraksh and Preesha are shocked to see the freezer open and Dev’s dead body exposed. Revathi walks in. They both get more tensed seeing her. She says she came to say them bye and walks towards freezer. Sharda walks in and dumps snacks packets in the freezer to hide Dev’s face and she closes the freezer. She then asks Revathi what is she doing here. Revathi sasys she came to say bye to Preesha, tells Preesha that the party was good. She then says she is missing Dev so much and feels he is afround her, apologizes Preesha for what Dev did. Preesha hugs and comforts her. Revathi says she wants Dev to return home soon, praises Khuranas for their kind behavior, and leaves. Rudraksh locks the storeroom door and asks Sharda if she knew about Dev’s dead body. Sharda asks if they thought she wouldn’t know anything seeing them tensed. She gives him key and asks him to lock the freezer. .

Revati while returning home thinks something is wrong. She calls inspector and asks him to find out if Dev really went to Goa by checking at all the transport locations. She hopes Dev is fine. Sharda locks the door after guests leave and scolds them for getting a dead body home. Rudra asks when did she found out about dead body. Sharda says she suspected them when they brought freezer home and recalls finding the freezer locked and sending servant to Rudra to get ice from the freezer.

Precap: Principal finds Dev’s bracelet on terrace. He informs Revathi that he found Dev’s bracelet on terrace. Revathi thinks that means Dev visited school on annual function day.

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