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Kanchan and Preesha rush to Pihu hearing her shouting. Pihu shows rahes all over her face. Preesha asks how did it happen. Pihu says she used a new cream. Jahnvi asks if the rashes will clear or not. Preesha asks her not to worry as its allergic reaction and she will give her allergy medicine which will clear her rashes by tomorrow. Pihu says she has college party tomorrow morning and will be bullied by friends if she doesn’t attend it. Kanchan says she knows a famous and talented makeup artist MK of MK Makeup Studio who will do her makeup and hide her rashes. Preesha says Pihu should go for it till her rashes are cleared by tomorrow evening with allergy medicine. Pihu agrees.

Driver gets a call from his wife to return home to celebrate daughter’s birthday, he refuses saying he needs to attend duty. Kanchan with Preesha and Pihu walks to him and asks diver to take them to MK makeup studio. Preesha asks drive to go home and celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Driver hesitates but agrees on Preesha’s insistence. Preesha tells Kanchan that they shall take a cab and ask Armaan to pick them up while returning home. Kanchan agrees.

MK is amazed to see rockstar Rudarksh Khurana at his studio and asks if he came for a makeup for his next concert. Roohi say she wants him to perform Rudra’s makeover as a gardener. Vanshika explains him. MK tries different looks on Rudra. Roohi, Saransh, and Vanshika select an old long haired and beard gardener’s look. Rudra fails to identity himself. MK does final touchup and asks them to bring gardener’s clothes for Rudra. They all 3 leave the studio to bring clothes for Rudra. Kanchan with Preesha and Pihu enters studio next and asks MK to hide Pihu’s rashes with makeup as she needs to attend party. MK says Pihu will look more beautiful after the makeup and starts her makeup.

Preesha gets Armaan’s call.

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