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Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 28th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhavna and Diya arguing. Sudha says Bhavna wants Armaan to get a leave for few days. Armaan says I didn’t tell everyone at office that I got married, they will ask me for party. Diya says they will ask me for party also, I have to go back on job. Sudha asks about the rituals after marriage. Diya says there are many responsibilities. Armaan supports her. Sudha says we are housewives, it doesn’t mean that we have no word in this. Armaan says I didn’t mean that. He hugs Sudha.

Sudha says there is no difference between us now, except your job, won’t you touch my feet, we both are bahus, but I m your Saas, you are my bahu, I have a right to bless. Diya says I have a right to take blessings. Sudha blesses her. Mathurs wait for Diya. Diya comes home and meets them. She hugs Anju.

Krish gets Diya’s bags. He says mum has sent this gift for Anju. Brij says but we have to give a gift for Diya’s Sasural. Krish says mum asked me to get the gift what Anju gives for her. Diya asks Anju to check. Anju sees the diamond necklace. Sudha says Bhavna you liked the necklace, they would be worried thinking what would they give in return. Anju and Brij refuse to take the gift. Krish says gift won’t go back. He asks what’s the food. Palki asks are you hungry. Krish asks her to get cold drink for him. Diya sees them flirting and goes. Palki says it was acting, don’t flirt with me. Krish says I was just to show Diya.

Diya reads Sudha’s note. Anju asks what costly thing can we send for her. Sudha says they have to send a costlier thing to us. Bhavna asks what can they give you. Sudha says we will see what Diya sends by Krish, something that’s precious than the diamond set. Brij says she is taking our test. Diya says she is testing me, not you, its between us, don’t worry.

Krish comes home with a big box. Sudha asks what’s this. He says you told me to get the return gift. Bhavna says Anju has sent this instead the diamond gift. Krish says its heavy. Sudha smiles and asks them to open the box. They see the idol of Saraswati Maa. Sudha reads the note.

Bhavna says you have kept the diamond necklace worth lakhs and sent a stone statue worth 1000rs. Sudha says its not a stone statue, but Saraswati Maa. She asks Krish to keep the idol in puja ghar. She says I will call pandit to do the puja tomorrow. She smiles. Krish leaves. Bhavna says you gave the costly diamond set to Mathurs, you will get bankrupt, Anju has sent this idol. Sudha says no, Diya has sent this to keep her respect, Diya is smart, she has sent Saraswati instead Laxmi ji, I m happy with her answer, I m facing a smart girl, it will be a good competition.

Armaan is at office. His friend comes and asks did you prepare weekly report. Armaan sees Diya’s pic and is lost. His friend asks him to take a half day leave. Armaan says I m missing Diya a lot. Palki asks Diya whose call is she expecting. Diya says nothing. She gets Armaan’s call. Palki takes the phone and talks to him. Diya asks her for the phone. Armaan and Diya sit talking. Palki says she is lying, she was missing you. Armaan smiles.

Bhavna brainwashes Sudha. She asks her to book a new house for her. They laugh. Sudha asks Bhavna to sit and have fruits. Bhavna says you scold me and make me leave always, why did you stop me for dinner. Sudha says I want to have dinner with my three children, I have to talk to you all, Diya has gone to her Maayka, I feel I can’t talk freely in front of an outsider. Bhavna asks what will Armaan say knowing this. Sudha says don’t tell him, I don’t trust you these days, we are family, Diya will be from other house, I mean she needs time to become family. Bhavna smiles.

Sudha says I wanted to have a good dinner with you, we will go out for having icecream, then watch a movie on return. Krish says sounds like a good plan. She asks him to call Armaan. Krish calls Armaan and says mum is asking us to have dinner with her. Armaan says I will be late in work. Sudha says we will wait for him. Armaan says no, you all have food. Sudha says we will wait for him.

Armaan’s friend asks didn’t you go. Armaan says I have to mail reports to Sir. His friend says do the work tomorrow, he is going to attend a family wedding. Armaan says fine, I will leave then. He messages Sudha. He thinks shall I meet Diya first.

Bhavna says mum got dizzy. Armaan worries for Sudha. Diya asks Armaan where is he. Armaan asks her not to joke always.

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