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The Episode starts with Anju getting emotional about Diya. Palki and Diya lie in Anju’s lap. Anju asks them to get up. She asks Diya to share her joy and sorrow. Diya says we never heard mum’s feelings. She asks Anju what’s in her heart. Anju says I m upset that I couldn’t invite your Mama and Mami in your marriage. Diya says Armaan and I wanted a simple marriage, not relatives. Anju asks how will you feel when your children ask you not to call Palki and Jhanvi in their marriage, he is my own brother, not any relative, I love him.

Diya says sorry, I didn’t think so. Anju advises her about Armaan. She says if he loves you then he will accept you with your world. Diya says understood. They hug. Brij comes and says look who has come. Armaan greets them. Palki says Diya won’t go anywhere. Armaan says give me two mins to talk. They all go out. Diya asks what was so imp. Armaan holds her close.

He says I always think of you, how will I pass the night, I won’t get sleep without hugging you. She asks him to go home. He says wear good clothes tomorrow, I have to make you meet my friends. She says you also wear good clothes, I have to make you meet my friend. He asks is she beautiful. She says I will beat you. Krish and Bhavna wait for Armaan. They feel hungry. Sudha says we have to wait for Armaan. Palki calls Krish. They argue.

Palki says explain Armaan that its our time with Diya, rule is groom will come next day and take the bride, he had come here, we made him leave. Sudha hears this. Palki asks did I do this. Diya kisses her and says yes. Krish says I m feeling hungry, I m going to eat now. Bhavna goes to Sudha and argues with Sudha. Sudha gets angry and goes. Armaan comes home. He sees the doctor and asks what happened. Krish says mum got sick, doctor gave her an injection. Armaan rushes to see Sudha. He asks what happened to mum.

Sudha says I m fine. Bhavna says her bp got low, she got dizzy, she would have got hurt if I wasn’t with her, she didn’t have food till now. He asks why. Sudha says you didn’t come on time. He asks why do you do this, you will make me cry now. He hugs her.

Its morning, Diya gets ready and comes. Anju compliments her. Brij asks Diya to ask Armaan when will he come. Diya calls Armaan and says mum and dad are asking about you, come soon. He asks her not to joke always. She asks what happened. He feeds the soup to Sudha. He says mum isn’t fine, I m with her, her bp was low. Diya asks how is she now, can you make me talk to her. He asks her to talk. He goes to heat the soup.

Diya asks Sudha how is she. Sudha says better, I m feeling bad for you, Armaan can’t come to take you today, sorry, you have to stay there for one more night. She disconnects. Diya says Palki get my scooty, I have no time to argue, I have to go. Palki says Krish should have come. Anju and Brij ask what’s the matter. Diya says Sudha isn’t fine. He asks is she serious. Diya says no, I have to be there, do the rasam first. Anju asks without Armaan. Diya asks her to apply sindoor fast. Anju says this rasam matters a lot to me. They complete the rasam. Anju does her aarti. Diya smiles. She says I will go now. Anju asks is Sudha unwell or is there anything else, swear on me. Diya says don’t worry, I will handle. She leaves. Palki says I m also coming. Anju prays. Brij asks Anju to trust Diya, she will handle Sudha and Bhavna. She says handling office is easy, but handling family is tough. She reminds him of his mum. They laugh.

Bhavna says mum had to fall ill to get Armaan’s attention. Sudha says I don’t need to get ill for this. Armaan wakes up. He says I will take a leave today. Bhavna says it means mum is more imp than Diya. He says I love them both. Sudha says he will worry for me more, Diya is new in his life, right. He nods. Bhavna asks where is Diya, she doesn’t worry for you.

Sudha says she will need time to accept us. He says no, she is lovely, she will regard you as her mum, she will surely come. Sudha says I don’t think so, her mum and dad won’t send her without rasam. Diya comes and says rasam isn’t imp than your health. Armaan smiles seeing Diya. Sudha asks how did you come. Diya says by scooty, I decided to stay with aunty and take care of you. Sudha says no, I m okay, I will do my work. Armaan says good, now I can go to office, now Diya has come, so I have no worry.

Diya says you told me that you want Armaan to settle down, Armaan is your ex BF. Armaan says no, ex-husband, we were married, Kajal is my ex-wife.

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