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The Episode starts with Diya saying Armaan and I are same now, sit here, I will just come, I will see if Armaan needs anything. She goes. Bhavna signs Sudha. Armaan sees a plant and smiles. He asks who got this. Diya says I got this gift from the nursery, what can be the better gift than this. He says gardener will fix this. Diya says no need, I will do this myself. He says wow, I m impressed. She says its my hobby and responsibility also. He says I will also help. She asks him to go to office. He says let me help, I will also keep the relations. He goes to get ready. She says you got well dressed today. He says you said you will make me meet your friend. She says its perfect now. He asks blazer or me, say the truth.

She says truth is, you aren’t a bad man, but you can improve, be with me and improve. He says you aren’t stopping me from going. She asks him to go, he will get late. He says you broke the rasam and came back for mum, I m glad, thanks, I regret that we both are working professionals and you aren’t able to go today, you feel bounded. Diya says wrong, I will handle it, Sudha will send me to office, trust me. They hug.

Palki meets Krish. They argue. She says we are not GF and BF, and can never be. He says never say never. She says I m not stupid, these stupid tricks won’t work on me. He says I was acting. She asks are you flirting. He says of course not, I can’t dare so. She goes smiling. He smiles and says I think these Chandni chowk girls will not spare both Rastogi brothers. Sudha and Bhavna see Diya. Diya says I m working for home. Sudha says you go to your room and work. Diya says no, I m comfortable here, I told Armaan that I will take care of you. Bhavna asks will she sit here. Diya goes to get soup. She gets the soup and asks Sudha to have it by her hands. Sudha says I m fine now, you go for your work. Diya says you asked me to do household work. Sudha says no need to stay, go to office and come. Bhavna says yes. Diya goes.

Armaan and Diya are at her office. Everyone congratulates them. Ruby asks Diya to give a party. Diya says done. Ruby says we will get a cake for you. Armaan and Diya cut the cake. Everyone claps. Diya asks for Kajal. Ruby says she will be back tonight from the trip, didn’t you tell her about your marriage. Diya says I have to personally meet her and say. Kajal comes home. Diya comes home. Kajal hugs her. She says you got married, when, where and how, you didn’t tell me. Diya says you weren’t available on call.

Kajal says that’s not fair. Diya asks are you not happy. Kajal says I m very excited, where is he who has stolen your heart. Diya says actually you know him. Kajal asks is he from our office. Diya asks do you want to meet him. Kajal says yes, call him. Diya asks her to close eyes. Diya calls Armaan there. He says I feel strange. She says you know her, come. She says surprise and brings Armaan. Armaan and Kajal see each other. Diya introduces Armaan as her husband. She asks what happened. Kajal says congrats and hugs her.

She congratulates Armaan. Diya says I was not sure of my and Armaan’s feelings, you were not here that time, you wanted Armaan to find someone, that he settles down, remember. Armaan says you don’t know the entire truth, we were married, Kajal is my ex wife. Diya asks what.

Armaan says don’t talk to me about Kajal. Diya says I didn’t know about your relation, I swear. He says you don’t care for my feelings, break your friendship with Kajal, change the office, quit your job.

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