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Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 6th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Diya asking what happened to you. Armaan says nothing, see I m smiling. She says its fake smile, I wanted to thank you for helping me at the right time. He says you are welcome. She stops him and says I won’t let you go until you say why you are upset. He says I regret seeing what you did, you didn’t fight, why. She says for my family’s happiness. He says it would be a big mistake if you did this marriage. She says you fixed everything. He says if I didn’t come, if I didn’t meet Arjun and know the truth, you were ready to become Mrs. Vishwas, what could I do, you marry, what can I do. She smiles.

He says I should have not come. She says your speed is faster than Palki, sorry. He smiles. She says sorry and thanks, don’t scold now. He says your nose has that bindi, shall I move it. He fixes her bindi. He says you look good today, you gave yourself a new identity, do something for yourself, you will feel good. She says I should have slapped Arjun and vented out the anger. He says I had punched him twice. She says I couldn’t stand for myself but you stood for me. Palki calls her. Armaan leaves.

Bhavna says I m really tensed. Sudha says our truth can come back. Bhavna says yes, we got Arjun and Diya’s pics. Sudha says if Armaan knows that we defamed Diya then you know his anger. They see Armaan. He asks why are they tensed. Bhavna says Nimmi called and said what you did at Mathurs. He says I stopped that marriage, it could have ruined Diya’s life. Sudha says yes, you did right, its not Mathurs’ mistake, they took a wrong decision in a rush, you did right. Bhavna asks what’s the need to interfere, let the relation happen. He says I can’t support wrong. Sudha asks him to go and get freshen up. He goes. Bhavna says you supported him. Sudha says he should never know that we are trying to make Diya and him away, why is he so interested in Diya.

Diya says I m going to meet Kajal, tell mum when she comes from the market, are these new earrings. Palki says yes, you can try. Diya gets ready. Palki smiles and does the makeup to Diya. She asks where are you going, is there anyone special. Diya says yes. Palki asks who, tell me. Diya says I m special, its imp to love own self. Palki hugs her and says I will help you. Diya says I feel confident, I want to look different from the crowd, you can do the makeup as you want. Palki says I love you. She decks up Diya. They both check for Armaan’s message. Diya asks how do I look. Palki says perfect. Armaan smiles seeing the mirror. Kajal opens the door and hugs Diya. She compliments Diya. She asks the reason for a reason. Diya says few changes are necessary in life. Armaan recalls Diya’s words. Krish comes and does shayari to tease him. Armaan asks him not to do shayari. Kajal says so good that engagement is called off, sorry to question your decision. Diya asks her not to say sorry. Kajal asks her to play truth or dare. Diya says fine. Armaan asks are you thinking to become a love Guru. Krish says I know everything. Armaan says I have to tell you something, you told me something that day. Kajal and Diya play the game and have fun. Diya whistles. Kajal claps for her. Kajal says enough of the boring questions, say the truth, you didn’t say yes for marriage by heart, right. Diya says yes. Kajal asks why did you change the decision. Diya says my reason wasn’t right to get married, my friend made me realize this. Kajal says thanks to him, don’t leave him ever. Diya thinks of Armaan.

Kajal asks Diya to confess love to Armaan. Diya messages Armaan to meet. Palki says I agreed to marry Armaan. Diya is shocked.

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