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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshu coming to Aarohi and saying Abhi has forgiven us. Aarohi asks what, I can’t believe it. Akshu says yes, he said Manjiri explained him. Aarohi hugs her. Akshu says he didn’t make it an issue, it doesn’t mean that its not an issue, be careful, I will never forgive you if this happens next time, we will end this matter here, its sangeet tomorrow, we shouldn’t spoil the mood. Goenkas and Birlas have a video chat. Manish says we can’t decide anything if the family isn’t there. Harsh hears him. Manjiri says Harsh has an imp meeting. Manish says ask him to be present for his son’s marriage. They all discuss the theme of sangeet. Neil says bride versus groom families. Akshu says I won’t tell anyone. Abhi says even I won’t say. Suwarna says decided, we will meet today evening. Abhi signs Akshu. Nishta says we should start preparations now.

Manjiri goes to Harsh. She says you look upset, is everything fine, is there any problem. She asks him to give some idea for the theme. He says no need for my idea, you all have many ideas, think well and open a new dept, sing a new song for the new bahu. She says no, you are misunderstanding. He says no, I can sense it, you and your son show that I have no value, you chose your bahu and then a dept is opened for her. Abhi says I will go and check mum’s BP. Harsh says I m not talking of expenses, I handle admin dept and I don’t know about the new dept, you have everything because of me, even Abhimanyu. Nishta shows the dance videos to Abhi. Manjiri asks Harsh to come in the sangeet. Harsh says I have to go and meet the minister, I have to do work to run this house and hospital, you all enjoy, sing and dance. Abhi comes and says voice down, if you don’t want any interference, then none should hear your arguments. Harsh says maybe you didn’t teach him manners, remind him that I m his dad, dad is always a dad, even if a son grows up. Abhi says you won’t change. Harsh says I don’t need to change, new people and habits came in your life, not mine. He leaves. Manjiri scolds Abhi and cries.

Abhi wipes her tears and says you want to cover up his mistakes. She says you focus on sangeet, I m okay. Abhi goes. Abhi says I will wait till the evening, I can’t tolerate anyone hurting my mum and leaving her to die, now the evening has got special. Manish says we have less time. Suwarna says Birlas have sangeet at their place, they have lesser time than us. Manish asks are you on their side or mine. Akshu comes. Manish says I will make them dance and lose, anyway, prepare for the dance. Reem teaches them the dance steps. Kairav asks whose phone is ringing. Vansh says its Abhi’s phone for Akshu. Akshu says I won’t tell him anything, I promise. Suwarna says yes, we should have some fun.

Parth gets upset with Shefali. Abhi says I have to give the good news to Akshu, we will know it today who did mum’s accident. Neil gets Reem’s call. She asks for any help needed in decorations. Neil says no, we are sorted. Abhi tries to see Akshu. He sees Akshu dancing. Neil and Reem smile seeing Abhi watching Akshu. Abhi turns away. Neil keeps the phone there and goes. Abhi sees Akshu and smiles. Jaaniye….plays… Reem also keeps her phone there. Akshu sees Abhi on Reem’s phone. Akshu goes away to talk to him. He says imagine, its happening for us and they are keeping us away. He asks shall I get coconut water for you, you would be tired of dancing. She says don’t come, family has become competitive, I want to see on which song are they dancing. He says you are a cheater. She says you can also see. He says you are covering the camera, you don’t know what’s going to happen tonight. She says Goenkas will win. He says actually… Shefali and Kairav come and stop them from talking. Kairav says it’s a war between us today, we will meet you in sangeet. Shefali asks Abhi not to lose his heart. Abhi says Akshu and I have no competition, we are one team, one who did wrong will face the bad.

Akshu says thank God, Manjiri explained Abhi, thanks Abhi, I trust you and I love you. Aarohi hears her and says Abhi isn’t upset, its unbelievable. Akshu says its Abhira’s sangeet today. She goes. Mahima types a letter for Abhi and mentions accident truth. She says now this letter will reach the private investigator, he will inform Abhi now. Vansh says Akshu’s fav singer Kumar Sanu is coming to the city. Manish says but he isn’t coming to the sangeet. Akshu says I would have gate crashed for him. She jumps happily. Kairav says its impossible to call him today. Reem is on call.

Akshu gets surprised seeing Abhi bringing Kumar Sanu to the sangeet.

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