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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri says we should know why she is asking for 24 hours. Akshu cries. Manjiri says you give a chance to Akshu, else you will regret later, why didn’t you give her 24 hours, don’t hurt yourself, you love her and will always do, else this anger and hatred won’t be there. Abhi unblocks Akshu and messages her. Akshu smiles and thanks him. She keeps a timer. He says I gave 24 hours. She gets the detective’s call. She says I got the event, the case will get in Kairav’s case. She hears Maaya crying. Kunal consoles her and says what if Akshu stays with us after this event. Maaya asks can this happen. He says yes, don’t worry, you will be in limelight, and she will in darkness as your shadow, just you matter to me, think of yourself, just selfish people stay happy in this world. He hugs her. Akshu hears this and says how dare you. Abhi gave me 24 hours, I will change everything in these 24 hours, I will just move ahead, you can’t stop me, I will go to my Abhi and prove Kairav innocent. She says I have to make Kairav free from this problem. Kunal comes and reminds Akshu about the event. She says I want to meet Kairav, I will get satisfied, I can’t meet anyone else than him, please. He says fine, I will make you meet Kairav. She thanks him. He says its okay, I understand this relation, I will get Kairav, the grand finale is tomorrow, I hope you understand. He goes. She says I know, I will win in life’s finale, everything will get fine.

Kairav comes to meet Akshu. Akshu smiles seeing him. Kunal says just talk being away. Kairav asks how are you talking to Akshu. Kunal says I hope you understand. Akshu says its okay, I wanted to meet you, you are here because of Kunal. She thinks to stay in Kunal’s good books, he shouldn’t doubt about my plan. Kunal also sits there. Abhi is praying. Kunal asks them to talk. Akshu and Kairav try to talk indirectly. He signs about red roses. She thinks to search for red rose hotel. She says I was passing by that market, Abhi and I had a golgappa competition. He says you lost. She asks are you on my side or Abhi’s side. He says you are on Abhi’s side yourself. She signs him. She thinks he is signing about the bracelet, it means his hotel is near the market. Kunal asks did you talk, its enough, Maaya has to win tomorrow. Kunal takes Kairav. Akshu checks for the hotel. Abhi thins why did Akshu ask for 24 hours. Manjiri says I know its Anisha’s birthday, you didn’t sleep yet, so your head is aching. She applies balm to Mahima. She says we don’t know what you are going through, we will recall Anisha with a smile. Mahima says Abhi and you forgot what happened with her. Akshu says I have to get Kairav out of that hotel, I hope everything happens according to my plan. Maaya comes. She says sorry I walked in, I wanted to give this thread, its from Ajmer. Akshu says it’s a big day tomorrow. Maaya says yes, its imp day for us. She ties the thread to Akshu’s hand. Akshu says new day has started, finally, I have waited a lot for this day, I will get my life back. Maaya asks her to take care. She goes. Akshu covers the pillows and says I know Kunal will keep an eye on me, but I m ahead of you. Abhi sings a birthday song for Anisha. Everyone comes and cries. Abhi says its our Anisha’s birthday today.

Neil says we will celebrate her birthday today and talk about her. Mahima says she will feel good if we punish her culprit, when you met Akshu, why did you not ask her, where is her murderer brother hiding. Everyone is shocked. Manjiri asks what are you saying. Mahima says I was also shocked when I heard Abhi telling you that he met Akshu, don’t do a drama, he didn’t just lose Akshu, but also Anisha, did you forget it. Abhi says I didn’t forget anything, you can’t understand, what’s going on.

Kairav waits for Akshu and says I hope she knows about me. The fire alarm rings. He runs out and sees Akshu. The man says fire alarm rang, but there is no fire. Kairav says you did this. He says yes, there are cctv cameras everywhere, I didn’t want Kunal to know this. He hugs her. She says I have found a safe place for you. He says its Anisha’s birthday today. She says I know. Mahima says call Akshu and ask about her brother. Abhi says she asked me 24 hours, I will get all answers. Mahima says she is cheating you, how can you trust her again. Abhi says we will wait for 24 hours, I won’t have any regrets. Neil says he is right. Manjiri says yes. Mahima says fine, I will wait as decided, then you all will support me, don’t try to stop me, Abhi, do you promise.

Kairav comes home. He hugs everyone. Akshu goes. Some goons trouble her. Abhi comes there to save her.

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