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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mahima asking Abhi to promise, he will support her. Neil says Abhi isn’t refusing, he is asking for some time. She says I want a promise, just I didn’t lose my daughter, this family also lost someone dear. Abhi says I promise, Akshu asked me for 24 hours, then I will do whatever you say, I promise. Akshu says I promise you, everything will get fine, I will take you to a safe place and prove you innocent, Abhi gave me time till the event, I have to do this now, I have 15 hours, come with me. Vansh says you didn’t sleep till now, you are checking Aarohi’s phone. Manish says when children go on a wrong path, then even elders have to go on same path to bring them back, I m scared of losing Aarohi and you, Kairav and Akshu are already gone, don’t know what is Aarohi hiding. He asks Vansh to just check. Vansh says nothing, I will tell you. Dadi comes and says I have to do this now. Suwarna asks why. Manish says its Kairav and Akshu’s fav kachori, why suddenly. Dadi says children went suddenly and will come back suddenly, I felt their coming, very soon they will come. Kairav comes home and calls them out. They all get emotional. Everyone hugs Kairav. Yeh Rishta….plays… Akshu says Kairav is safe here. Manish says suddenly after one year, where is Akshu. Akshu leaves. She says I m returning from here again, that too in darkness, but every night has a morning, I will soon return home. Dadi asks where is Akshu. Kairav thinks I want to tell you but I can’t. Manish asks him to answer. He says she will give you the answers herself, she is fine, sorry I can’t tell anything.

The goons stop Akshu and ask for her phone. She scolds them. Abhi jumps in between. He asks why, you want to see a film on her phone, I also want to watch it. He jokes on them. Akshu uses the pepper spray on them. The goons run away. She says you were not with me for a year, so I keep pepper spray, I know I won’t need this when you are there. He says I came out for jogging, why did you come out at night. She recalls Kunal and Kairav. She says Abhi… It starts thundering. She gets scared and falls over him. They both fall down. Jaaniye…plays… They have an eyelock. He gets up and gives his hand, then moves it away. He says its going to rain. She says I have to tell you something. She hugs him. She gets Dr. Kunal’s message and worries. She says I have to go, please wait for me Abhi, I will come back. She leaves. She turns to see him and makes a heart. He sees time and says 14 hours. Kunal asks Akshu to open the door. He calls her. He says maybe she isn’t fine, did anything happen to her. He asks the hotel staff to open the door. He gets in. He looks for Akshu. The lady checks the washroom and says there is no one here. Kunal sees Akshu sleeping on the floor. He shouts. She gets up and asks how did you come in. He says I was calling you and knocking the door since a long time, where were you. She says I fell asleep hearing meditation music.

He asks were you here. She says yes, I can’t go until you let me free, I listen to you, keep manners, don’t try to open the door by master key, good night. He says I m still here. Abhi comes home. Neil comes. Abhi says you didn’t sleep. Neil says you went for running to pass time. Abhi says yes, time gets slow sometimes, but today the time is on strike, I feel like everything has stopped.

Neil lies in his lap. Abhi says I should lie in your lap, I m talking senti. Neil says it’s the same thing. Kunal calls the hotel and asks is Kairav there in his room. The lady says yes, he just called and asked for pain relief, shall I connect you. Kunal says no thanks. Akshu thinks I gave my diamond earring to that receptionist to bribe her. Kunal says I m a good brother, but I have to become a bad person, we will meet tomorrow. He goes. Neil says I feel everything will get fine when Akshu comes and tells us why she did that, you have anger, don’t decide anything when you meet her, just go with the flow.

Abhi says just 3 hours more. Akshu says Abhi is waiting for me. They say its my last chance. Mahima says Kairav is in Goenka house, Akshu is cheating us. Manjiri cries and feels chest pain. Abhi shouts Maa.

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