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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri asking them to pack the gifts to be donated by Anisha’s name to the orphanage. Abhi sees the time. Mahima says I won’t let you forget your promise. He says I remember it. Akshu talks to the detective on call. She asks him to keep the proof safe. She says Maaya and Kunal shouldn’t doubt, just some time more, then this drama will end. Manish says Dadi made this kachoris, but I want to feed it with love. Kairav eats the kachoris. Aarohi gets the coffee. Vansh gets the cake. They laugh. Kairav says I have longed for this love for love, you all can feed me. Aarohi goes. Vansh says its not good that we hide this from each other, I have seen his number in your phone. She says please I request you, don’t tell anyone. He asks what will you do when the matter comes out, what will happen, did you think. Kairav says I didn’t like the outside food, thank God, Akshu used to cook the food at home sometimes. Manish says Akshu… Kairav says don’t ask me anything. Suwarna says no one will ask you anything, you can tell us when you want, we want to know about Akshu. Manish says she is longing for her. Kairav says I know.

Aarohi asks why does Akshu always runs away, why aren’t you telling us about her. Kairav says I can’t tell you now, it doesn’t mean that I will hear anything against her, when the truth comes out, then no one can do anything. Manish asks is Akshu safe. Kairav says if things were fine, then she would have been here, she isn’t fine, but she isn’t weak, she is trying to make things fine. Aarohi thinks I didn’t find out anything about Akshu, Kairav came home, shall I tell this to Mahima or not. Kairav thinks Akshu said she just has one way, all the best Akshu. Akshu compliments Maaya. Maaya thanks her and says don’t make any mistake today. Akshu says this day is more imp for me, I can’t make a mistake. Kunal says you mean Akshu went out at night. The man says yes. Kairav prays for Akshu, its her last chance for Akshu to go back to Abhi, just 3 hours are left. Abhi gets ready. He thinks I have to hear her out and then decide it, don’t waste this chance. She says I know it’s the last chance, I can’t waste it. He says it’s the last chance for us. She says I know it’s the last chance for us. Kunal says I have to find out where she went and why, I have the last chance today if I want to keep Akshu with Maaya forever as her shadow. Aarohi gets tea for Manish. She sees Kairav.

Kairav sees the time. He hopes Akshu is fine. She calls the detective and asks her to come to the event location. She says I will get proof for Kairav’s innocence. Manjiri signs Abhi. He signs her showing his watch. Akshu says just one hour, then my life will change forever. Kunal looks on.

Manjiri says its your new start, your life will change in one hour. She feeds him the curd. Maaya feeds the curd to Akshu and says do something that changes our lives. Akshu says yes. She gets a message. Kunal wishes Maaya and Akshu all the best. Door bell rings. A man delivers the flowers. Manish says its not ours. The man says sorry and goes. Kairav says if anyone knows I m here. Manish says no, we won’t let anything happen to you. The man goes to Mahima and says I had switched on the video camera. She checks the video. She sees Kairav. She says happy birthday Anish, see what birthday gift your mom gives you. Akshu prays. Abhi closes eyes and imagines himself and Akshu doing tandav. He sits waiting. Mahima comes home. Maaya takes Akshu’s phone. Akshu asks for her phone. Maaya says they are calling me on stage, come. Manjiri asks did anything happen. Mahima says a lot has happened. Maaya keeps the phone there and gets ready. Akshu takes her phone and says I will go and stand at the mark. Abhi asks what’s the matter. Mahima says Kairav is sitting peacefully in Goenka villa. He asks what, Kairav came back home. Akshu calls the detective and asks him where are you. He says sorry, someone snatched the proof from me. She asks who. He says he met me near the green room. She sees Kunal and says I m sure Kunal has the proof. Mahima shows the video to everyone. She says Akshu is cheating all of us again, she would be laughing at us, Kairav is with his family, you are waiting here, when will you understand. She cries and says she asked time to take her brother and run away, my private detective tracked him in Mauritius and he came here to save himself, he will run away again, the family is a liar, why don’t you understand, they are making fun of us, they are fooling us, we aren’t doing anything. Abhi says just 40mins are left, let us hear the truth from her once.

Akshu says I won’t sing for Maaya at the event. Abhi comes at the event. He hears Kunal and catches him. He beats him and asks where is Akshu, what did you do to her.

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