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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th January 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Akshu and turning away. Akshu comes to Abhinav and asks are you hiding something. Abhinav says no, I was looking for you, I got you, now we will look for Abhir. Akshu asks them to come for family pic. Abhir comes to Abhi. Abhi compliments him. Abhir says don’t touch my hair. Abhi recalls his words. Parth says Shefali isn’t answering, she doesn’t know what I can do. He calls someone. Shefali walks on the road. She says I can’t live like this. She gets Shivansh’s call. He says dad said you are angry on him, he said sorry, he is missing you, I get sad when you both fight, please talk to him, my friend Gagan’s parents got divorced, promise me you won’t fight with dad.

She says its nothing like that, just a small misunderstanding, when you come back, I promise, we will welcome you. Abhi sees Akshu with Abhinav. He cries. Shefali comes home and scolds Parth. She says you have snatched my identity, my career, and now you are using my son. He says his future is bigger than your ego, stop making issues, if I can, then I can remove you from his life, remember we are Birlas, you know our power, Shivansh thinks we are a happy family, I won’t let his heart break, be careful, else you can’t see his face again. He goes. She cries seeing Shivansh’s pic.

Abhinav gets alcohol for Abhi. Abhi says I can’t handle this. Abhinav says even I can’t handle it, we will drink and forget sorrow. Abhi says it doesn’t happen so. Abhinav says we are friends, have it, sorry… Abhi takes the drink. They sit drinking. Ruhi makes Manish and Suwarna’s dance video. Aarohi says Ruhi is making you dance. Manish asks where is Abhi, he should have come by now. She says he had to stay there since the conference got delayed, he is in Kasaulli, he befriended some locals, but he looks worried. Manish and Suwarna worry. Aarohi says I think he is missing Ruhi, he will come in some days, what happened, why are you tensed, he is fine, don’t worry. She asks Ruhi who will she trouble at home. Ruhi says Dida, then we will have constipation. Aarohi says competition. Suwarna says keep coming. Ruhi says I will come tomorrow with Dida. Manish says Akshu had made her world with difficulty, It has no place for Abhi, I don’t want them to collide. Suwarna says no, Abhi will be away from her. Manish says I wish so, Akshu and Abhinav are very happy together, I don’t know her happiness to spoil.

Abhi and Abhinav get drunk. Abhi says I will miss you and your everything, I will miss her the most. Abhinav asks what. Abhi says your wife. Abhinav asks my wife. Abhi says yes, the jam that she makes, it was the best. Abhinav says yes, you are right, she makes the sweet jams. Akshu looks for Abhinav. She asks Abhir where is dad. Abhir says he is with Sir ji. Akshu thinks they shouldn’t be together. Abhinav says I will ask personal thing, the one you loved, you got away, did fate bring you both face to face. Akshu calls Abhinav. She goes to see. Abhi says time brings the memories every day, my time and I have stopped there since years. Abhinav says it hurts a lot, right. Abhi says yes, think of that love. Abhinav asks was it love at first sight. Abhi says she used to sing. He gets sad. Abhinav hugs him and consoles. He says your marriage might have happened in a grand way. Abhi says it happened after much difficulty but it was perfect. Abhinav says fate snatched everything from me, but then fate gave me double, I got Akshu and Abhir, I promise I will always keep our friendship. Abhi says no, I can’t keep this friendship forever. Abhinav asks why can’t we become friends, tell me, did I do anything. Abhi says because you are a thief. Abhinav asks what, am I a thief. Abhi says yes. Abhinav asks what are you saying, I didn’t steal anyone’s blessing. Abhi says you have stolen my fate, life and love. Abhinav says explain me well, what did I steal from you. Abhi says Akshara. Abhinav gets shocked. He asks what. Abhi turns him and shows Akshu.

Akshu asks Abhi to stay away from her. Abhinav is wounded. Akshu says we will go to the hospital. The man says there is a hospital strike today. she calls Abhi.

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