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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi and Akshu hiding from Harsh. Abhi says he has a bad timing. She asks him to wear shirt before anyone sees him. He jokes I will wear a iron shirt if you say. He hears Manjiri saying Akshu will grind the haldi and make its uptan. He asks will Akshu grind so much haldi. Mahima says it’s a rasam, Akshu will grind this by her name, when we are doing all the rasams, then you have a problem, you decide it. Abhi says this didn’t happen at the time of Shefali’s marriage. She says Shefali’s family isn’t so mad about rasams like Goenkas. Manjiri and Shefali explain Abhi. He says sorry. They go. He says sorry Akshu, I tried. He gets a haldi. Suwarna says haldi is too much, you are saying Akshu has to do it by hands. Mahima says it’s a rasam, you have to do this, we have to fulfil the rasams. Dadi says I never heard of this rasam. Mahima says you listen to us and we will listen to you, Akshu will grind the haldi and then we will apply it to Abhi. Manjiri asks them to keep Mahima’s word. Akshu says its fine, it will be my exercise. Abhi comes with Neil and Parth. He says I got this haldi, we have washed it. He puts it in the plate and asks Akshu to find out the haldi with his name. Manjiri asks him to go. Akshu smiles seeing him.

Manish meets some guests. The man congratulates Aarohi. The lady asks where is Abhi, we will congratulate Abhi and Aarohi. Manish says Abhi and Akshu’s marriage is happening. The man says sorry. Manish asks them to bless the children. The man says we have come in another event, we will go. Aarohi says I have a call to attend. She goes. She sees the couple talking about Abhi and her alliance. She says everyone will think that there is some flaw in me, I have a bad fate, I have to regain my status, I can’t live like a loser.

Akshu takes the haldi plate. Two guys stare at her. Abhi comes there and looks on. The guys call her an eye candy. Abhi runs after Akshu and gets angry. Akshu grinds the haldi. Suwarna says Akshu looks so tired, Mahima got adamant. Dadi says I think Mahima is taking revenge. Akshu says its okay, I m doing this for Abhi, can you keep my clothes ready. Dadi says it will take 2 hours. Aarohi says I will do this. Dadi says we will go and help Aarohi. They go.

Akshu turns to see and takes the stone to hit. Abhi says stop, its me, I have come to surprise you. She asks him to go. He says you have sent everyone smartly, this is my work to spend time with you and help you. She says no, please go, it will be embarrassing if anyone sees. He says I m your would be husband, I will be here. She says fine, sit here. O rangrezz…..plays… Abhi helps her. He holds her close and asks shall we celebrate our haldi here. She says no, its puja haldi. He kisses her and says your cheeks got pink. Suwarna calls her out. Akshu asks her to go. Abhi says meet me before haldi. She says okay, go now. He leaves. She sees some shadow and says Abhi… She turns and sees those two guys. Abhi does exercise. Parth says you are a gone case. Abhi says I m balancing it, I would be eating much sweets in next two days. Shefali comes and asks Parth why did you change suitcase lock code. They argue. Neil says Parth’s life changed a lot after marriage, your life will also change, will you forget me. Abhi says I will kick out, if I ask you this, life would change, but not love. He hugs Neil. He says you and Akshu are friends, you both can sideline me. Neil says yes, she is a good friend, you need a friend. He goes. Abhi thinks to talk to Akshu once. He calls her. He says I will try to sleep now. Akshu goes. The guys follow her. Manish, Dadi and Akhilesh get emotional. Kairav comes to Abhi and sees him with Akshu’s bracelet. Abhi asks him to sit. Kairav gives him coffee. Abhi asks did you come to threaten me again. Kairav says my sister… Abhi says you will burn me with this hot coffee if I don’t keep your sister happy. Kairav says I came to request, many new relations are forming, I have no tension with Akshu’s relations with family, but some relations didn’t bond, I want you to help her. Abhi asks him not to worry. Kairav says Akshu and I had been unlucky about few relations, we lost our parents, we still feel lacking them, we have elders with us, I want Akshu to stay as uncle and aunty’s daughter, I know some relations are tough, I love both my sisters equally, I have to try different ways to handle them, I m Akshu’s brother, I had to become dad for Aarohi, Akshu lost a lot, I know she can get the lost things in your family. Abhi says I promise, I will try. Kairav says I will explain Akshu to understand your point of view, you also do this, else I need 30 seconds to heat this coffee. They smile and hug. Abhi says don’t take stress, your sister will be happy. Akshu is alone hiding somewhere.

Mahima and Dadi argue. Mahima cancels the function. Everyone looks for Akshu. Abhi worries for her.

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