Yellow watermelon became the center of attraction in the market of Rajasthan, know the specialty

Rajasthan:  It is summer season and it can be good not to mention watermelon, so let us tell you about a new variety of watermelon. Actually these days in the markets of Rajasthan  A yellow colored fruit is attracting people’s attention. Everyone is understanding this at first sight as a new variety of mango  But this is not mango but Taiwanese watermelon, and watermelon is such that eating it will fill the stomach but will not fill the mind at all. 

The demand for watermelon is high in summer
How many varieties of watermelon are available in Rajasthan
These days in Rajasthan  Watermelons of 3 varieties are being sold. One of them is Ramdhari Watermelon. This watermelon is green in color with light green stripes. That’s why it  It is called Ramdhari. In the market it  20 rupees will be available per kg. The second variety of watermelon is the Kiran of Punjab. Let us tell you that there is a lot of demand for Kiran watermelon in the market.  Its cost is around ₹ 25 kg.  In appearance, it is dark green in color from outside and people are very fond of it due to its red dryness from inside. The third variety of watermelon is Taiwanese watermelon.  Its first feature is that this watermelon is yellow like a mango and is also very beautiful in appearance.  This new type of watermelon attracts customers. Not only this all varieties of watermelon  It is said to be the sweetest watermelon in the world.  Apart from this, the grain inside it is thicker than that of the common watermelon. This watermelon is being liked a lot but due to being expensive compared to other watermelons, people are not buying it in large quantities. 
what are watermelon sellers called
This year a new type of watermelon has come in the market, it is being told to be a Taiwanese variety, which costs about 40 rupees per kg. Ilog sees it attracted and also take it for purchase but due to high price, they are able to buy it in less quantity
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