Yoga For Weight Loss: Belly fat will disappear with Mandukasana, know how to do it

Mandukasana Yogasana: Nowadays people’s stomach gets fat the fastest. The main reason for this is the sitting job. Most people sit for hours and work, due to which the belly comes out. During weight loss, fat goes away from the whole body, but in the end the stomach is reduced. You can take the help of yoga to reduce belly fat. Today we are telling you such a yoga posture which will reduce belly fat and other problems. The name of this asana is Mandukasana. By doing this, the belly fat also starts reducing gradually. Mandukasana is also called Frog Pose. Doing Mandukasana not only strengthens the abdominal muscles, but also gets rid of belly fat by doing it. This is a very simple yoga posture that anyone can do easily. People who start yoga can also do Mandukasana. For those who are suffering from stomach problems, this yoga asana is no less than a boon. Mandukasana will help you in getting relief from the problem of gas, indigestion and flatulence. Apart from this, it is also considered very beneficial for diabetic patients. Know how to do Mandukasana. 

How to do Mandukasana 

1- First of all, sit in Vajrasana on a flat place.
2- Now tie the fist and bring it near your navel.
3- Keep the fist standing near the navel and thigh with the fingers towards your stomach.
4- Take a deep breath and then exhale Lean forward, try to keep your chest on your thighs.
5- Bend in such a way that there is maximum pressure on the navel.
6- Keep your head and neck straight. 
7 – Try to breathe slowly and release.
8- Now come back to your normal position comfortably.
9- This is one cycle you can do it 3-5 times in the beginning.

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