‘You cannot shake hands with a closed fist…’, 10 best Indira Gandhi quotes

Indira Gandhi Birth Anniversary: ​​Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister of India. She is also known as the Iron Lady of India, as she is considered to be one of the strongest leaders in Indian history. He was born on November 19, 1917 in Allahabad to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and Kamla Nehru, so tomorrow i.e. on November 19, 2022, his 105th birth anniversary will be celebrated across the country. Indira Gandhi’s full name was Indira Priyadarshini Nehru. He served as the Prime Minister of India from January 1966 to March 1977 and from January 1980 to October 1984.

Indira Gandhi was assassinated on October 31, 1984 at her residence in New Delhi. He was killed by his own bodyguards because he wanted to avenge Operation Blue Star, in which many people of the Sikh community were killed. He was also very fond of writing. He has written many such inspirational quotes, which inspire us from time to time.

Ten Inspirational Quotes of Indira Gandhi

1. You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist. 

2. Winning or losing elections is less important than strengthening the country.

3. Have a bias towards action – let’s see if something happens now? You can break that big plan down into smaller steps and take the first step right away.

4. I am not a man to be pressured – by anyone or any nation.

5. All those who fought for freedom were my heroes. 

6. This is why we feel democracy is important: because democracy allows you to have smaller explosions and therefore avoid bigger explosions.

7. If I die a violent death, I know that the violence will be in the thoughts and actions of the murderers, not in my dying.

8. The power to question is the basis of all human progress.

9. Martyrdom does not end anything, it is just the beginning.

10. Even if I die in the service of the country, I will be proud of it. Every drop of my blood will contribute to the development of this country and make it strong and dynamic.

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