Your heifers will turn black like heavy rains, apply rosemary oil with this method

Benefits of Rosemary Oil

  • If you do not want to take medicines to stop hair fall then you can use this oil. It is not necessarily a great alternative to every medicine, but by nourishing your hair, it does reduce their fall.
  • If you do not apply hair masks or do not have time to apply hair masks, then you can take care of your hair. Rosemary oil can be applied for moisturizing, healing and healthy scalp. Hair damage is less. Shampoo your hair with this oil at night and shampoo in the morning, hair fall will reduce in a few days.

understand this fact

  • However, much work remains to be done in the research being done to see the effect of rosemary oil on hair. But it is quite clear that the use of this oil is much safer and more effective than the medicines taken to stop hair fall.
  • You must agree that any one Things are not equally effective on all people. In such a situation, if you start applying rosemary oil to stop your hair fall, then buy only a small pack of it in the beginning. If it shows relatively good effect on your scalp and hair, then go ahead and buy a bigger pack and apply it regularly.

must know this reason

  • Hair does not fall due to any single reason. Hair fall can be different in every person. If hair is falling due to scalp related problem, infection or dryness then you will definitely benefit from rosemary oil. But if the reason for your hair fall is genetic, some serious disease or nutritional deficiency in food, then you have to pay attention to these aspects as well, then only rosemary oil will be able to give full benefits to your hair.


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