Zika Virus: Know what is Zika virus and what are the symptoms of Zika virus

Zika Virus Symptoms In Hindi: As soon as the rainy season comes, the outbreak of mosquitoes and diseases that bite them increases. Zika virus is a dangerous disease spread by mosquitoes. Its infection is spread through mosquito bites. This disease is spread by the Aedes mosquito, which are more active during the day. Infection caused by Zika virus is so dangerous, that many times it has to be hospitalized. If a pregnant woman gets this infection, then it also affects the brain of the unborn baby in the womb. Let us know what are the symptoms and prevention of Zika virus?

What is Zika virus 
Many species of Aedes are responsible for Zika virus. Out of this, Aedes albopictes and Aedes aegypti, known as yellow fever mosquito, are at risk of spreading Zika virus. There are mixed symptoms of fever and malaria. 

symptoms of Zika virus

  • fever
  • skin rash
  • joint pain
  • muscle pain
  • headache 
  • vomiting

>How to Avoid Zika Virus

  • protect against mosquitoes
  • Use insect repellant
  • Wear full sleeve clothing
  • Use mesh on windows and doors.
  • li>

  • Keep a mosquito net in the bed

How to avoid spreading the virus
This virus very quickly transmits the virus to another person. Therefore, the infected person should keep distance from people for about 3 weeks after showing symptoms. Avoid having an unsafe physical relationship. Avoid going to the area where this virus is spreading.

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